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2016 TSJ-MBJ110 RCIED Jammer irhnatzPurdrxJdYlwwe for sale.

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Product Description

The TSJ-MBJ110 was specifically designed as a broad-band bomb jamming system to counter IED detonation. The unit simultaneously covers the relevant bands of radio frequencies from 20MHz to 2500 MHz.  

  A set of high-gain omni-directional antennas – covertly located in a fiberglass roof extension – transmit the signal up to a combined total output power of 1200 Watts. The operator may choose to jam or open each particular frequency band as required.

The TSJ-MBJ110 contains its own independent 10,000-watt AC generator and an integrated "smart active" cooling system. This unit is constructed in a completely covert manner with jamming units, all antennas, plus generator and battery back-up system hidden from view.

This unit is designed to ensure continuous effective jamming protection while in transit, and will operate continuously in all weather and road conditions.

The TSJ-MBJ110 is simply the best way to defend military convoys and troops from the threat of radio-activated, road-side bombs.

The fully integrated broad band jamming system provides the ultimate solution for police and military convoys or VIP protection.

Our TSJ-MBJ102 is also a high powered model in this RCIED jammer category.


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