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2016 4G Cell Phone Jammer 6 Band TSJ-4G-2061 ckeQkQYcxriiuvv 50% discount.

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Product Description

4G and 4G LTE Six Band Cellular Jammer TSJ-4G-2061

Do you need a full coverage solution that includes 4G / 4G LTE? Choose our top selling TSJ-4G-2061 !

  • Are your employees spending more time on social media than they are taking care of business?
  • Staff hanging out in restrooms reading emails and sending text messages?
  • Are your students cheating on exams in the classroom?

The highest rated of our entry level fixed cell phone jammer models, this unit will block 4G, 4G LTE, and other cell phone bands giving you the privacy, security, and peace of mind that you need.

This model also covers standard GSM signals and 3G, in addition to 4G and 4G LTE, to provide you with complete coverage.

Included vehicle power supply allows flexibility for you to take the unit with you and use it while mobile.

Units have individual band power adjustments, so you can adjust each channel using knobs directly on the unit, from zero (off) to max.  This is an important feature, so you can avoid blocking adjacent areas.

  • Get employees back to productive work.
  • Stop "showrooming"
  • Stop cheating during examinations
  • Stop leaks of data from private areas
  • Obtain peace and quiet


Order this outstanding model today!


  • Jamms: 700-800, 850-965, 1800-1990, 2100-2170, 2400-2500, 2500-2700MHz
  • Total Output Power: 14W
  • Run Time: 24/7 - Two internal fans keep the unit cool
  • Portability: Vehicular power cable also included
  • Adjustable: Adjust the power output from zero (off) to max on each channel


This is the most popular 4G cell phone jammer in our product line.

Average Maximum Coverage Area : 50 Meters ( depending upon local area signal strength)


*Actual frequencies may vary slightly in different regions. Units are optimally tuned according to delivery destination unless otherwise requested. - Custom tuning available.


The Signal Jammer Service

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